Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adding Storage to the Bathroom

I was browsing through the Better Homes & Gardens website the other day when I found a slideshow on ways to add storage to a small bathroom.  The master bath in the Handyverger home is relatively minuscule... as a matter of fact, I hope that someday we can find some way to enlarge it. For now, though, I'm happy to have ways to carve out space and to continue to make it feel more "me."

One of the suggestions in the slide show was to use a DVD or CD shelf for additional storage in the bathroom.  I had an ah ha! moment, because we have a set of DVD and CD holders in our living room that really don't need to be there.  They're black, and while they're not high quality, I thought the black would look nice in the master bath.

The little holes along the sides drive me a little nuts, but I'm working on a way to make them less obvious.  I'm happy, though, to have a fun place to display a couple of my previous projects.  Remember my little bird?  You can see it on the lowest shelf in this picture.   And directly to the left of the shelf is one of my bud vases.

I also took the opportunity to reaccessorize my bathroom.  It feels so nice to have a pretty space!  I'm also happy to have found a home for my elephant.   He's too shiny not to have out.  You can also get a better look at the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. I'm thinking of painting the vanity a glossy black, and painting the gold on the glass cabinet knobs silver.  I do, however, like the hexagonal tiles used on the floor.  (I'd also like to add, in my defense, that the stain at the bottom of the sink will not go away, no matter how much I scrub!  Any tips on removing hard water stains?)  The silvery tray is a wedding gift from my lovely cousin Lauren, so it's quite dear to me.  I love having it somewhere that I get to look at and use every day.

I wanted to get a better picture of a few things.  The clear bowl here (and the turquoise one in the previous picture) are dessert cups from Walgreens - they were 2/$1.  Woo hoo!  You can't do much better than that.

The peacock earrings dangling from the front of the dish should look vaguely familiar, as well.  They're the inspiration for my peacock painting.  I'm also particularly fond of the capiz shell egg in the background.

The little painting is from the Jim Smeltz Gallery.  I bought a small painting from him, and he included a small print and a thank you card that was also printed with one of his works.  Naturally, I framed those in addition to the painting I actually bought - sorry, Jim, but they were too pretty not to display!    The matte behind the painting (yes, I know they're supposed to go in front, but I'm too lazy to cut things out) is a little DIY project that I'd be glad to share, if folks are interested.

Finally, at the very bottom right is a Charming Tails figurine given to me by my mother.  I think mice are adorable, and this one is of a papa mouse fishing with his kiddo.  It reminds me of my father, who's no longer with us.  We used to go fishing all the time, when I was a little girl.

Also, there's just a glimpse of the wallpaper the upper half of the bathroom is covered in near the top of the photo.  It coordinates wonderfully with the pink toilet and bathtub.

Sigh.  Pink.

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  1. That's a really great solution to squeeze in some extra storage. Looking good!

  2. That's a really great solution to squeeze in some extra storage. Looking good!

  3. Wonderful storage solution! The shelves look like a perfect fit for the small space. Love all your pretties,especially the silver tray. :-) Visiting you from Kammy's Korner. I'm your newest follower. Happy Wednesday!

    I would also love to invite you and your fur babies to join in the fun at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party going on now through May 12th in honor of National Pet Week. Hope to see you there!

  4. Looks GREAT!

    Also, I am still jealous of the pink toilet and tub - and the shell sink! Older bathrooms have so much more character! Mine looks like a stupid Motel 6 bathroom... ;P