Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I'm off to work for the day, so I won't be doing much Easter celebrating (or Passover observance, for that matter), but I wanted to wish everyone a lovely day, whatever you do or don't celebrate.

My spring vignette. 

And my husband's Easter basket, filled with goodies.  When I was in college, my mom sent me Easter baskets, but she always put them in something useful - a plastic caddy for the shower, a tupperware container, and so on.

Loved the bright storage bin from CVS - I couldn't resist
using it as an Easter basket.

I used tissue paper instead of cellophane grass.  
Cats, y'know.

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  1. Easter baskets for each other, that's so cute :) I'll have to remember to surprise the hubs with one next year. Hope you had a great day!