Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini-Office, you complete me

Well, complete me might be putting it a bit strongly.  Because the newest kitty is our longest term guest in the guest room, which is also my office, I thought it might be nice to have an alternate space to work in in the meanwhile. I generally don't mind working when Lancelot's in the room with me, but since he's still very much a kitten, I often get pounced on and become a chewtoy.  We're working on it...

So for now, I created a little office space in our (fortunately substantially sized) master bedroom.  I shopped my home, and took a small table from the kitchen that was really not doing much more than taking up space, one of the old dining room chairs, and worked a little magic.

I moved the wicker chair and Jane the Ottoman out of the corner, but kept them near the sconce for a nice reading nook.  Notice my hammered copper vase that I wrote about in my Spray Painters Anonymous guest post for Living Savvy?

Princess Willow, of course, had to get in on the action.

I reupholstered one of the chairs in a brown and cream zebra print that I bought in April.  Reupholstering a chair like this one is a super-easy project.  It took me about half an hour.

Kinda sexy, right?  Well, for a chair.  Before, on the right:

I put a few pieces of artwork on the desk, including my newest painting:

Finally, a little kitty porn.  Lancelot, being cute and snuggling his new toy.

30 seconds later, eating the phone...

Yes.  That is the gaping maw of doom you see there.  Thanks, Lance. Thanks a lot.

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  1. I love shopping the home - it's kind of fun to see already owned things in a new light! And what a great idea to reupholster your chair in brown zebra stripe - it's perfect and looks awesome!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog today - so nice to meet you :-)