Friday, April 27, 2012

Completed Peacock & New Kitty

I finished my peacock painting a couple nights ago.  It's now dry, so here are some shots of the final piece:

It's mostly done with pearl and metallic paints, as you can see in this image.

Instead of framing the canvas, I decided to paint an edge detail.  I then painted glitter over it. I couldn't help myself!  I love sparklies!

A detail of the tail.  There are a few colors that are a satin finish, 
which really shows up at this angle.

New kitty - who may be named Lancelot - is settling in nicely at home.  He came home last night.  

 All the boys outside new kitty's room, curious.

Kitty at the vet.  In this picture, you can see his eye color - very light blue near the pupil, but pinkish-lavender near the outside.  I think he's albino. 

In full hunter-cat mode at the vet.

Relaxed as can be, at the vet.  I haven't gotten many good shots at home yet!

And finally, a question.  The phone camera is clearly not really cutting it.  Anyone have any suggestions for a not-too-expensive, decent quality camera?

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  1. Handsome fella. He should wear sunscreen.
    What kind of camera/phone are we talking about? Maybe there are some settings that can be used/changed to make the photos come out better? It isn't the best camera, but may be comparable to many "cheap point and shoots". You will always have your phone with you, and that is the single most important feature to look for in a camera.

    A cat named Shasta

    1. Thanks for the advice, Shasta! ;) The phone is a Droid, if that helps. :) ght <-- Uh, Lancelot says hi.