Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blast from the Past!

I absolutely cannot believe it's been 2+ years since I posted last!  Life's been the way life is - busy, hectic, sometimes wonderful and sometimes heart-rending.  I'm going to try to post again, now that things are more stable.

What have we done in the past 2 years?  We've certainly spent plenty of time with the cats.

Karma, still doing well, still enjoying the porch and sun.

Well, Sir Lancelot the Feisty (he has his own Facebook page) remains in remission from lymphoma, which is amazing!  April will be the two year anniversary of his remission, and he's been off chemo since November 2013.  We had a rough summer with him last summer, as he got an opportunistic fungal infection in his nose, but that's almost resolved, finally.  


More gardening!  No big surprise there, right?  We're currently under a cover of snow from this winter - I think we got about 4', for reals.  I saw the very first snow crocus peeking its little head up, though, finally.  

 Spring may yet come!

We finally remodeled the master bathroom and got rid of the pink toilet & bathtub!  I'll have to write a post about the remodel, although it was anything but DIY.  We hired a contractor, realizing that we wanted things done right and the scope of the remodel we wanted was far out of our capabilities.  It was so worth it!  We traded the tub/shower for a luxurious shower in the same space, and splurged on a heated floor.  Best choice ever.  It's been great this past winter.  Although the project wasn't DIY, I did make all of the design choices myself, so aesthetically, this bathroom is very "us."

Stewie sits in the new sink.  Also, new fancy shower!

We have lost some kitties, and added some.  Our sweet asthmatic black kitty Strider died very suddenly in January 2014, and we're still rather heart-broken about it.  New kitties Loki (white with orange) and Stewie (dark gray, adopted from my mother) have come to live with us, bringing our total to 6.  Oy!  We love them all so much, though, that we can't imagine life without them.  Naturally, I added a garden bed as a memorial to little Strider.

Loki!  He's as naughty as his name suggests.

I've done some more painting, but that's a little challenging without a good space to paint in.  

Unfinished painting of Glacier Bay, AK.

So what's on the horizon?  Hopefully, more gardening if the snow ever melts.  

Can't wait to plant these!!!

We also plan to build a "catio" in our back yard for our furry family to enjoy (and for us, as well!).  

Earl Grey



Hopefully I'll also find a way to eke out some space for painting, as well, since it helps me stay sane.  I hope to do more cooking than I have in the past year, and I hope to do more home improvement! I've also changed jobs, and I might be switching to the night shift again soon, so I'm not sure what that will do to things, overall.

Posts with pictures from some of the projects over the past couple of years to follow, I hope!

Mrs. Handyverger

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