Friday, April 6, 2012

Spray paint with the colors of the wind

A few weekends ago, I looked at my husband and said, "Hey.  I'm going to go spray paint stuff."  Yes.  Those were my exact words.  They earned a blank look from the husband and the obligatory "Yes, dear."

And so I was on the hunt for stuff to spray paint.  Fortunately, I found this:

It's a little blurry (sorry!), but there's Vanna Grey and an Orangina bottle.  I've always loved the shape of Orangina bottles, and I thought they'd be fantastic as bud vases... in the right color.

I soaked four of the bottles in water for an hour or so to loosen up the label.  The labels came off quickly, and with a little more soaking, the adhesive that was left rubbed off easily, as well.

You might notice, in this picture, that there's a "best by" date imprinted on the bottle in ink.  I tried rubbing alcohol first, and when that failed, I used a little non-acetone nail polish remover.  Booyah!  It worked, and I was left with four bare canvases.

The first thing I attempted was to cover the inside with stained glass paint.  Using the paint by itself, it was far too thick to roll around the inside of the bottle as I'd hoped.  When I tried thinning the paint with a little water, it simply ran down the inside of the bottle and congealed at the bottom.  It didn't even leave a thin film on the inside, which might have made for an acceptable sea glass sort of look.  In a last ditch attempt to make that effort work, I put a ring of the paint around the top of the bottle and let them sit in my bathroom closet overnight.

Unsurprisingly, this was a resounding fail.  And this brings us to when I was wandering around looking for stuff to spray paint.  I used colors from Krylon and RustOleum, and came up with these.
The two on the left were initially done with more pastel colors - Watermelon and maybe Ocean Mist? - and then sprayed with a darker color for a slightly marbled effect.  

Don't they glow prettily with the sunlight hitting them?

You can see that I got a little overzealous with the spray paint, here.  This is how I learned that everyone else is right: multiple, light coats of spray paint is the way to go!  

Still, drips and all, I love them!  The gerbera daisies were a $2.99 bunch at Michael's that was half-off.  They looked pretty cheap altogether, but once I separated them, they improved vastly!

In the background of that shot, you can see my little memorial to our cat Pippin, who died ten weeks ago today.

The angel kitty & dish were found at TJ Maxx today.   The clear seaglass in the dish is from Pier 1, and the rose is from Michael's.  Our vet sent us a lovely bouquet with pink roses the day after Pippin died, so I associate them with him now.

And there it is - simple, and comforting to me.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend.  If you celebrate Easter, I hope it's filled with laughter and chocolate.  And if you don't, I hope your weekend is filled with laughter and chocolate, too!

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  1. LOL -- "going to spray paint something"! I have never heard of Orangina but those bottles ARE fantastic! I love the texture and the shape and your paint job really turned them into beautiful vases!

  2. Oh I too love the orangina bottles! Well done!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  3. Those turned out SO COOL! Love those little bottles - wonder if we have them in Michigan....???