Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Citrusy Welcome Mat

Oh, spray paint.  How I continue to love thee!  In a few hours, I was able to take a rather dilapidated sisal welcome mat and spruce it back up to coordinate with my patio redo.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any before pictures.  I know, I know!  Bad blogger.  No cookie.  The mat was once just a plain tan with some autumn leaves sprinkled across it, but after a winter outdoors, it was faded and dirty.  A good hosing off helped the second problem, and after a few days to dry, I went to work with spray paint.

The first thing I did was use a color that was similar to the base color I'd chosen to prime the rug. It seems like this sisal rug wanted to soak up paint, and I wasn't able to find more of the lovely peacock blue Valspar outdoor paint I'd chosen, so I used a lighter mint green as a base.  This gave me some coverage, without wasting all of the color I really wanted to show.  Once the mint green had dried a bit, I sprayed the whole thing with peacock blue.

After a little drying time, I got out one of my Martha Stewart stencils.  I used the medallion shaped one in the right lower corner below, and with a little help from plastic and painters tape, I was able to spray paint a tiled pattern in the contrasting color.
With spray paint & this particular stencil, the edges ended up being fairly blurry, but I'm actually okay with that.  There's a hint of the detail, and that was enough for me!

Not too shabby for an hour's worth of work (if that!).  The most challenging part was making sure I lined up the "tiles," and as you can see, that's not quite perfect.  Again, I can live with it. ;)

I can't quite find the colors/type of spray paint I used online, but Tiffany has a great picture of the colors/can on Living Savvy.

This came out so well, I have been looking for a few other cheap sisal mats to redo, but no luck yet!  

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  1. What a great idea! I have a welcome mat just like this that I bought a few years back. The colors have all faded. I never thought to just spray paint over it!

  2. Love it! I keep seeing these cute DIY rugs. I need to make one!! Love the colors you chose.

  3. What a great idea, especially if it was looking shabby to begin with. I would have trouble painting a new one maybe but if it was destined to be dumped anyway, I might take a chance. You did a great job. The colors are great and I love the design. Thanks for coming by and commenting at Quirky Vistas! I do appreciate it. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll come back by and follow too!

  4. What a fun mat! I love the colors {wink}... and the stencil! Thanks for the link!