Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Upcoming Projects

A recent conversation with Kammy made me realize that my project list is growing and growing.   What's on the horizon?

- Fred's redo
- Reupholstering old dining room chairs to match the new ones
- Finish my peacock painting
- Painting the front door
- Putting a new storm door on the front door (with four cats, I like having that extra layer of cat-proofing that comes with two doors).
- Planting annuals in my containers
- Garden cleanup
- Painting the bedroom floor
- Installing shelves in bedroom
- Updating of bookshelves in living room - they're  built in over my mantle
- Painting/updating bookshelves in my office - these are not pretty brown laminate
- Paint wicker chair for bedroom
- Paint rocking chair in bedroom
- Curtains on 3-season porch
- Paint/update master bath
- Paint/update guest path
- Paint/update guest bedroom
- Paint/organize husband's office
- Organize craft closet
- Finish reorganization of my closet
- Redo nightstands in bedroom
- Recarpet kitty castle (long story...)

Eek!  Good thing I have a four-day weekend - and that this is a long-term project list!


  1. Tell me about it! I've actually stopped keeping a long term list, only because it was so long and discouraging!

  2. Hi - Thank you soooo very much for commenting on my blogpost on my ceiling design!!!

    My ceiling is shy of 8 feet I think this deisgn (or something more simple) could be done in ANY HOME!!! I have a very modest colonial home on Long Island. There were no crown moldings and the skinniest base moldings throughout - and the cheapest core doors on every door. I know - cheap. cheap cheap (and I'm not talking Easter here!!!)

    So - I think that you can do something special on the ceiling in your home!! Try it - nothing ventured...nothing gained!!

    Be sure to go to my latest post where I tell people how to do an Old World look on the range hood.

    Thanks for commenting - I love every comment!!!!

    I am following you now!!