Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walk-in Closet Fun

I wonder if I'm the only person that this happens to - I start one project, and it leads to a dozen others.  It all started out as cleaning out my closet to donate some clothing to Goodwill.  This set off a chain reaction.

Cleaning out the closet led to rearranging the closet, which then led to making my closet pretty.  I've been seeing pictures of closets that are entire rooms (damn you, Pinterest), and although my closet will never qualify as a room, I've decided to take some inspiration from Pinterest and bloggers and at least make mine something that I enjoy looking at.  My inspiration?

It's a bit too pink, but I love the wall of shoes and how unified everything looks.

The blue-gray here is gorgeous, and it's so girly without being uber-pink.  Love it.  Impressive, Centsational Girl!

Finally, this closet is from Real Simple.  My favorite part of this one is the light.  What a fun touch!

So, that being said, I've set out to make my closet pretty.  The first step was cleaning out the clothing I never wear, and that's been packed up and sent off to Goodwill.   Then, I moved (with the help of the husband) my dresser into my closet, freeing up some floor space in the bedroom, and giving me some much needed drawer space in the closet itself.   A seldom-used filing cabinet migrated from my office to the closet, and a pair of drawers from Target sits atop it.

The Target drawers on top, filing cabinet on bottom.  The filing cabinet has fantastic, deep drawers; I'm using the top one to store my t-shirts, and the bottom one to store scrub tops I don't wear very often.

The top of the dresser, instead of having random crap on it, like it did when it was out in the bedroom, now houses some of my favorite shoes, some sparkly jewelry and some of my favorite Solstice Scents body sprays.  Pretty!  You can see my scrub pants and dresses hanging to the left of the dresser.

The next step was clearing off the built-in shelves on the left side of the closet; these now house my  sweaters & fleece shirts, as well as some of my purses near the bottom.
See the white thing dangling?  Not very neat.  Oops! 

I then mounted hooks on the right side of the shelves to hold my scarves and light-weight dressy wraps, and you'll see a few more things hung on a hook to the left and in front of the shelves.   I added more of the same hooks on the opposite side of my closet, which now hold my sparkly purses & clutches.  I used Command removable hooks, which are just amazing!  So far, they seem to be holding up well, and the one I removed didn't take any paint with it.  I should note, though, that they're not recommended for surfaces with wallpaper.
What's the point of having shiny things if you don't get to look at them?  Also, see that basket right under the purses with socks draping out of it?  That's the home of mismatched socks.  I honestly have no idea where my socks go, but I'm finding that if I leave the mismatches out where I can see them, I am far more likely to actually find their missing mate and reunite them.

I was able to use the shelves above the dresser to store some of our linens.  When I was trying to place them neatly on the shelves, I brought a stool/storage ottoman into the closet to stand on.  Much to my surprise, I have found that I love having a little place to sit in my closet.  It reduces the amount of hopping up and down on one foot trying to get my socks on.  Oh, wait... you mean I'm the only one who does that?

See the ottoman?  It makes me absurdly happy.

Naturally, just because things are reorganized and prettier doesn't mean I'm quite done.   The rest of the plan includes:
- Stenciling at least one wall with this whimsical cat stencil.  It makes me laugh, and what better way to start out the day?  
- Painting the background of the built-in shelves with some obnoxiously bright color.  Plum?  Tangerine tango?  (It's the pantone color of the year, I do believe.)
- Removing the obnoxious sliding doors and replacing them with a curtain. Gasp!  
- Replacing the bare light bulb with a new fixture.  I'm thinking a little chandelier would be delicious, like this one - but it's a bit pricey, especially for a closet!  Still, a girl can dream.
- Repainting the drawers in the closet to match.  For some reason, I cannot get the notion of kelly green dressers out of my head, here.   I just don't know if it'll go with the color scheme for the rest of the bedroom (see previous post: plums, magenta, gold and tangerine), but it's worth thinking about.  I may leave the big dresser as-is, but we'll see.
- Removing the carpet along with the rest in the bedroom (it's one continuous blob of Barbie pink), and replacing it with a stenciled floor, akin to this:
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

And let's not forget, it was the closet reorg that inspired the bedroom reorg!  I tell you, it's like a nuclear reactor up in here!  Except with less radiation sickness.  Thankfully.  

This weekend?  Tearing up half the pink monstrosity that is masquerading as a carpet in the master bedroom.  Wish me luck!

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