Saturday, March 17, 2012

Caturday: Mama's little helpers

The husband and I are about to undertake a substantial project - ripping up the carpet in half of our bedroom.  Why half?  One half of our bedroom has stunning hardwood underneath it, while the other is part of an addition the former owners made to the house.  Instead of adding matching hardwood to this half, it was left as a plywood subfloor and covered with the pink monstrosity of a carpet that I've mentioned before.  Insert much grumbling from me about covering beautiful hardwood.

So, today, we rip up the half over the hardwood to see what we've got.  Maybe I'm an optimist, but the hardwood in the rest of the house is in such great shape, I'm hopeful that this is too. We're going to put down an edging at the transition from carpet to hardwood, temporarily - and then after that?  Hopefully a stunning stenciled floor until we can afford to have matching hardwood laid.  I know it's probably cheaper than we think, but we just had major veterinary bills in an attempt to save the life of our beloved (late) kitty Pippin.

But what does this have to do with Caturday?  Well, we can't seem to accomplish any home improvement project without the supervision and assistance of our little fur tribe.  Case in point:

Karma helps us build our kitty castle.  This is a very large, castle-shaped scratching post that my husband and his father made from scratch for them. It was their first real father/son project involving power tools

Pippin helps supervision with the very same. It's just not going to be the same doing a home improvement project without him.  Miss you, Pip.

Strider helps supervise patching the ceiling. We had some water damage from an air conditioner incident. 

"Would you just get down already so we can get back to work?"

I'm sure we'll have lots of help this weekend.  I hope to take photos of the various stages of deconstruction and revealing the floor.  Don't be surprised if the fur tribe guests in them.

Do your pets love to help with projects?  For that matter, do your kids?


  1. Boy, your home looks a lot like ours. A kitty in every picture! Love it!

    1. I'm so glad someone else has furry little helpers! I figure I might as well embrace it, because I'm certainly not going to change it! ;)