Friday, March 9, 2012

The master suite

When we moved in, the master bedroom was a horrific, overly feminine pink nightmare.  Let's call it the Pink Terror.

The Pink Terror came with Barbie pink carpet.   It was in decent condition, but it was PINK!  I'm all for people expressing their individuality, but wow.  Pink!  In addition to the pink carpet, the curtains were ceiling to floor moire, with vertical stripes of hot pink, Barbie pink and white.  It's obvious they were custom made, and probably cost a pretty penny: they had nicely-done pinch pleats at the top, and there were valances hung over a wooden shelf.  All very professional, but horribly dated.  And not in a retro-chic way. 

I always say I'm not a pink girl.  That's a lie, though.  I like pink in small doses, or vivid punches of accent color.  Unfortunately, what we had going on in the master bedroom was not small doses.  One of the earliest changes we made to the bedroom was to take down the floor to ceiling curtains.  The walls in the bedroom are white wallpaper, a very textural moire stripe.  It's not what I would have picked, but it's certainly rather inoffensive.  Taking the curtains down opened the room up and made the overall Pink Terror more of a Pink Heebie-Geebies - you know, just a shiver of fear, rather than all out run screaming for the hills fear.  This left us with the pink carpet, and the pink moire stripey valances, and a white backdrop.  Better.

One of the next changes we made to the master suite was installing a projection screen and projector.  My husband is a computer geek - is it better to call him a computer guru?  - and has a degree in cinematography, so having a place to hang out and watch TV in luxury was important to us.  Once upon a time, it seems the former owners of our home added on to make the bedroom bigger.  This left us with a beam running across our ceiling, which is a bit odd, but it made a great place behind which we mounted the projection screen.   A shelf installed high above the bed houses the projector, and now we have our own en suite theater.  Woot!  The shelf isn't pretty, but hopefully we can improve that.

The next step to improving our bedroom was taking down the valances to the pink moire curtains.  I'm a nurse, and at the time - around 2008, now - I was working nights.  It was critical that I was able to have a dark bedroom, so we bought chocolate brown light-blocking drapes.  They work wonderfully, and the brown is a neutral, inoffensive color.  It grounds all the white, but I think they'll need some fancying up as we continue to craft our space.  

Finally, we began playing with furniture arrangements.  Our bedroom is huge, so there's an entire end that isn't taken up by our king-sized bed.  This is a lovely little sitting area now.  See below for the current floor plan.  Colors are not accurate!

We're fortunate to have tons of space, so closet reorganization is underway.  Finally, in a moment of sheer joy, I looked under the pink carpet two days ago, and found that beneath the horrible pink (which is now occasionally stained by cat barf - ew!), there's the same gorgeous hardwood that's in the rest of the house.  The back half of the room - the addition - is just plywood subfloor.   There was this great project someone did on another blog - I'll link to it later - of a painted subfloor that's been stenciled.  It's gorgeous!  

The plans?  For now, pull up the pink carpet and expose the lovely hardwood and paint the subfloor.  Finally, I hope to bring things up to date with an improved color scheme.  My inspiration?

Bright!  But awesome.  These colors will be used in small doses, of course.  Well, maybe.  We'll see...

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