Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Plans

I've been pretty absent; it's funny what frequent trips to an oncologist will do for your motivation to blog.  It's a veterinary oncologist, for little Lancelot, our newest cat, and he's doing quite well with the chemo - but it does mean that blogging and home improvement are on the back burner, here.

But, that being said, here are a few things I'd like to get done... sometime this year, or not.  It's an extensive list!


1.  Replace the kitchen sink and faucet.   We currently have a 2-basin stainless sink that's ancient.  I'd like to replace it with a single-basin, hammered copper sink.

I'd like to keep the counters the same, for the time being.  I'm not up for the full kitchen overhaul!  Our counters are white corian.

I think I'd pick an oil-rubbed bronze faucet.

2.  I'd like to repaint the kitchen cabinets.  Currently, they're a shade of off-white that is way pinker than I had expected.  The rest of our kitchen is a rich, deep red.  So, I think this is what I'd like to do.

Perhaps we could add some molding to our very plain doors.  And while we're at it, I'd love to put up some hardware.  We've only been procrastinating for 7 years!

4.  Do something about the floors.  Not sure yet... This is a longer term project, but I sure do hate the linoleum.

Master bath
1.  Repaint vanity.  Perhaps I'll practice the French gray/stain technique there!
2.  Replace the faucet.
3.  Remove wallpaper & paint.  Long term project.
4.  Replace the pink toilet.  Oh, my.
5.  Pick a new shower curtain.  I'd like to find extra long ones, and hang them from the ceiling.  A pair, even, to open in the middle. Ooh, how luxe.

I adore these curtains.

Guest bathroom:
1.  Repaint the vanity in the guest bath.
2.  Replace the faucet in the guest bath.
3.  Replace the toilet in the guest bathroom.
4.  Retile the guest bathroom.  It's bubblegum pink, and the shower in particular needs redone.
5.  Repaint the guest bathroom.  We'd have to remove wallpaper first. Ugh.

Living Room
1.  Repaint living room ceiling.  We had some water damage, and our pathetic attempts to replaster it failed miserably.  Now we have sad, chipped paint in our living room. :(
2.  Refurbish the kitty castle.  Really.  It's a castle.  For the cats.

1.  Find a storage bench for the entryway.  I'd love someplace better to stash kitty litter. :P  This is the one I'm liking right now:

2. Find a cabinet/chest of some sort for the hallway - it'd be great to have extra storage space for guest linens, among other things..

Whole house:
1.  Do something with the door handles.  They're a mishmash of different metal finishes.  ORB, anyone?

1. Finish repainting the metal railings.  I started in back, to test my ideas.

2.  Rip out vines/poison ivy that occupy the back hill in our yard.  In fairness, I think we'll pay someone to do this.  I'm all for DIY, but sometimes, it just isn't worth it!

I'll probably edit this and add things as I think of them.  Wow, just looking at this makes me tired!


  1. Nooooooo! Not the pink bathroom tiles! Noooooo!!! ;)

    Oh, I love that two-extra-long-shower-curtain idea! I wonder how that would work w/ the fabric ones that need a liner? Do they make extra-long liners too? Hmmm.

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