Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Harvest Hearth

How's that for alliteration?

I've mentioned before that I find the shelves over our mantel hard to style.  I finally decided to stop whining about it and do something about the problem.  I cleared all of our knick-knacks off the shelves, moved all the candles, dusted everything thoroughly... and started from scratch.  Here's a hint of how they're looking now.

A quick tour of some of the near-and-dear things that I've styled:

Bottom center shelf:
Books!  Yay books!  I don't tend to like reading hardcover books (I find their size unwieldy), but we do have some.  I removed the dust jackets (I know, sacrilege!) and arranged them here.

A pair of prints by Cate Parr.  Love the colors and detail in these!  I have two more that I haven't yet found a home for.

A leather tankard that I found years and years ago at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  It holds a copper rose that Mr. Handyverger gave me for our Copper Anniversary.  He gets me a rose every year, so I have a collection of roses in quite a variety of materials.

The tray in the center is one that my father brought home from Okinawa in the '70s.  He had given it to his aunts as a Christmas gift.  When both of my great-aunts died, my uncle Steve found the tray and tea set in their house, and passed it down to me.  It's inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and I treasure it!

In front of the tray, a glass hummingbird dangles; I found it in Juneau, AK.

My glass skull from target sits next to a bookend; geek points if you recognize the bookend!

Center shelf, second from the bottom:
In the center, a lovely feather fan, again, purchased at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Beautiful red, green and blue goblets that were given to us as a wedding gift.

More books!  A few Harry Potter titles are on this shelf, and appropriately, a couple wizard and dragon statuettes given to us by my brothers.  We're such nerds.  I considered putting all my nerdity away and trying to be trendy... but that's just not me.  Gotta let my geek flag fly!

My plush pumpkins, most of which I made.
Halloween cats!
Candelabra, which was a housewarming gift from my mother.
Woven basket, which was a part of a wedding gift from my maid of honor.

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