Monday, August 12, 2013

The porch garden - containers!

At the start of summer, I bought some long planters from Home Depot, and tucked some cute little plants into them.  And they looked cute.

From top to bottom: 
coleus, verbena, petunia and 
a sweet potato vine. 

From top left to bottom right: 
Bumblebee petunia, cinnamon basil, 
ornamental millet, black velvet petunia.

 Same planter box, but here you can see how 
small the cinnamon basil is, and that there's another 
sweet potato vine in the upper right corner.

One more view, from the top.

 And from the side.

 As of late July, these had changed drastically.

Believe it or not, they've grown even more.  I'll have to append some pictures from this week!  The coleus is as tall as the railing now.

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