Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pippin's Garden

The infrequent updates continue... hopefully I can motivate to post a little more frequently, since we've been doing lots around the yard and house to keep making it a home.  

This spring, we redid the landscaping in front of our house.  One of my new, favorite little spots is what I've come to think of as Pippin's Garden.  I chose a single plant - a Rose of Sharon - in his memory, and built the little spot around it.

This is earlier this spring, before the Rose of Sharon blossomed.

And it is, in bloom.  Stunning!

And here it is, with the Rose of Sharon in full bloom.

If you're curious, I picked the Rose of Sharon for Pippin because of a song called Rose of Sharyn.  Don't look it up if you don't like heavy metal. ;)  But these lyrics are why I chose a Rose of Sharon for him.

What would I give 
to behold the smile, 
the face of love?  
You never left me;
the rising sun 
will always 
speak your name.

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