Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quick Patio Update

Hi, everyone!

It's a rainy, cool(ish) Saturday here in my part of New England, but since it's my weekend to work, it doesn't work out too badly for me.  I was off Wednesday and Thursday, so I took advantage of the lovely weather then to do a little updating of my patio.

Unfortunately, our patio is just a poured slab of concrete - and it's not even just concrete, it's the type with little pebbles mixed in.  Someday, we'll rip it up and put in a nicer surface, but for now, it'll have to do.  It's in desperate need for a power washing (which is on the agenda for this summer), but I thought that for now, it needed a little cheer.

No before pictures, alas, but here is what I managed.

The chairs started their lives out as a sage green, but over the years, they had become rusty.  A thorough washing, and a little spray paint later, they were a lovely peacock/turquoise blue.  It's an outdoor spray paint in a glossy finish, so hopefully it'll last a while!  It seems to be taking the rain fairly well.  Thank goodness it had a bit of drying time before the rain started.  I'll follow up with the brand and color I used - I just love it!

The little stand in the middle was initially white-coated metal - one of the little closet organization stands.  This, too, was painted with an outdoor spray paint, this one in a satin finish.  I'm very happy with the pop of spring green against the turquoise.

The planters were given to us by Mr. Handyverger's parents, who are in the process of cleaning out their house for a big move down South.  They've generously given us a few things in this process: a china cabinet, planters, and most of all - a freakin' piano!  Mr. Handyverger and I love playing piano, so we're both deeply appreciative of this.  But here, we have some of the planters. A few impatiens from Lowes (holy cow, were they cheap!), and some pansies that needed to be moved to a larger container, and voila!

It's a shame I'm working this weekend and can't enjoy the patio, but at least it looks pretty, even in the rain!  And the newly potted plants need some rain, right?

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  1. Any gal who describes themselves as a geek is a pal of mine!

    We had a concrete patio at my last house - just throw an outdoor rug to cover that sucker! Love the blue chairs!

  2. Those chairs are just sweet! ...and I love the color you chose too.

  3. What would we DIYers do without spray paint?!? Love the color combo you chose for the chairs and little table. Your patio looks so fresh and sweet.

  4. Love those chairs!!! And, I'm with Kelly, toss an outdoor rug you love out there and call it a day. :)

  5. Love the chairs! I never met anything peacock blue that I didn't like :)

  6. I love your chairs and the colour! We need to figure something out for our outside, too. I've been thinking of a little bistro set, but don't want to buy new. It's way more fun to DIY something with a great colour like you've done!